Dear SGTC! Read this.. It’s important.

Just say it’s alright.. The light will shine Again, I’ll be you’re calm, the storm has passed my friend, and when it seems the darkness never ends.. I am on your side. BOTDF isn’t just a music fad, it’s a movement for freedom! To be everything one wants to be, to show it’s okay to be different, and that even though others are different we need to love them as well. There’s so much hate and discontent within our family. We need to be a real family. So people will actually see SGTC memebers and realize that they belong to something bigger then just a music scene. Our songs are more then just sex. Some of our songs promote self help in making you a better person and to realize that even if the world hates you, you’re awesome because you’re you. The songs that are about sex, you have to realize that they make people want to get up, go out and be awesome & happy. It makes them want to put on their makeup and just be fearless. It makes them forget their scars and it brings them joy even if it’s “JUST ABOUT SEX” It’s more to the fans. It makes them feel brave, and makes them feel strong. You have to be blind if you can’t see that. No, I’m not blinded by hate. Hate is ugly. hate clouds the truth. Where there is hate there can be no beauty.. Because hate is a mask. Also I want to give a very special thanks to a lady by the name of Madalyn. She has been the phoenix that has reawaken my whole perspective. Thank you for giving me the strength and courage to post this. I am grateful and honored to have you in my life. You are a blessing to not only me but the entire SGTC. We need to love and respect each other. I can’t change the past but I can learn from it and be a better person from my discoveries. We started this circle out of compassion not destruction. We protect the ones within our circle from harm and defend one another through intelligence and rational thinking. Some people might challenge our loyalty but we must never let them hold power over us. At times we will fuck up but if we can hold our composure we can brave any weather. The SGTC stand for unity and equality for all. Sure their will be times we will need to defend our right but we use logic before we attack. Is it worth it? It’s just the internet. We can always shut it off and go back to reality. That is what matters most. The End!


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