The Truth About Dahvie Vanity

Dear Dahvie,
I am writing this from my heart and was hoping you could share this with the SGTC family.
For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Wesa, aka Momma Stiches. I am the online merchandise manager for the BOTDF store and mom to Terese, aka Sally Stiches. These last couple of months burden my heart.   I have seen, heard and read many things that involve people very close to me. I do not hold the status that they do, nor the capabilities to reach out to so many, but my family, my friends, my bosses are the target of attack for many rumors and one of these involves my daughter who is without a doubt , my best friend.
First, I would like to say to the sgtc family, thank you for your understanding that so many of you show me on a daily basis, when it comes to your orders that you patiently wait for. The botdf online merch store is run only by me and only me.  Which means, all your orders are filled, written and shipped by none other. We are not a big corporation that some may think, just because the website is through one.  We are one of the few mom and pop shops. I sincerly apologize for any delays at times, but please know that I work very hard to make up with extras in packages and personnal emails that extend my true apologies. With that said, orders have been shipped, are being shipped and will continue to be shipped by me and me alone. 
This is a story that not many know and I felt I needed to share. I remember meeting Dahvie five years ago, never thinking that he would have such an impact on my family as he actually has. November of 2009 is a month I will never forget.  Looking my daughter in the eye as she told me that she was invited to work merch for botdf on the Party On Tour. My first thought was, are you kidding????? But no she was not. My heart raced with thoughts of what if, will she be ok, who will take care of her, can she do it?  But true to form of who she is, not only did she prove that she was more then capable of anything thrown her way, she became friends and part of a family with Dahvie and Jayy. From that day forward her life was dedicated to botdf and the sgtc family. But as life changes and we evolve, decisions are made that are meant for ourselves and no one else. Which is exactly what Sally did. She grew into Terese… with a little Sally mixed in .  She made a decision to follow her heart and took time to explore who she is and what she wants, nothing more. Was there hurt on all who were involved?, of course there was. But through it all the wounds have healed, new loves have been discoverd and lost souls have been reunited. The road is different for each of us. Sometimes detours are necessary to see what we have and how to be thankful for the obstacles that come our way.
As for me, I am not in the lime light, I am not followed by many and I am not known to all. But I am one of the few that have been there since the beginning of a movement that I am proud to be apart of. A family that I have come to love so much. I am one that is in the back ground working, supporting and doing what I can for botdf. I am eternally grateful for the trust, love, faith and never ending patience from a man I call a friend and family.  My boss Dahvie. I don’t think botdf will ever truly know or understand what they have done for me and the ones closest to me.
Thank you for your time in reading this. I would like to sign off with this…  Rumors are rumors, in the grand scheme of life there are so many more important things to worry about. Let go of the negativity that so many put out there. Look around, love that your alive, love who you are and love those closest you.
aka Momma Stiches <3
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